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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the executive order he'll sign on the peninsula this morning. good friday morning to you. you made tight the end of the week. comfortable and sunny for today. big breaking waves to tell you about. those will really be big into the weekend. and a warm holiday weekend coming your bay with temperatures in the 80s in some parts. and i see some slowing in hayward. i have a crash i'm checking out in fremont. we'll start on 880 for your friday morning commute. a live look outside right now, mike. downtown san jose. a bit of a red hue there. it is 6:00 on friday, february the 13th. you're watching "today in the bay." and a good friday morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia cannon.
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police found a u-haul that crash into a chiropractic college and a body lying near the truck. it's all happening at life chiropractic west college in hayward. it's at the corner of industrial and depot. today in the bay's chris sanchez there with the very latest. a strange find, chris? >> reporter: yes, indeed. we can tell you that the investigation seems to perhaps be starting to wrap up. the alameda toro near arrived on the scene. you can see there are plenty of investigators still here behind me on industrial avenue. police not confirming how it is that this person died. perhaps because they don't yet know. the body was found around 2:00 this morning. two people arriving for work at life chiropractic college saw the moving truck back into a window at the patio here and there was broken glass all around. that's when they called hayward police. >> we checked the area and we
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located a deceased male behind the u-haul truck outside of the building. at this time it's undetermined how the male is deceased or what his involvement is with the u-haul or the business. >> reporter: now in addition to that broken glass, it appears that the ignition switch may have been tampered with which would indicate that the thuk had been stolen. we're working to confirm that. the police are running the plates on the truck to see if it was legitimately rented from u-haul or whether it was stolen. at the point the alameda county coroner just arrived, that means they'll take away the body. the body found bheen the u-haul truck, between the truck and the patio of life chiropractic. this is an industrial part of hayward but sit a well-traveled part between hayward and the san mateo bridge. there's generally lots of traffic through here. this traffic itself has not been impacted because the investigation is in the parking lot of that chiropractic college. working to find out more about
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that college as well as, we'll have that for you in the next half-hour or some. chris sanchez, today in the bay. >> you see all of the flashbulbs of them no doubt taking pictures. new this morning, authorities are pulled a stolen car from underwater near antioch. these are pictures from the contra costa fire protection district. the car was found submerged near a ramp leading into the water. nobody was inside. >> the president waking up in the bay area this morning. he spent the night at if fairmont in san francisco. it's a busy day for the commander in chief. >> we have live team coverage of his visit. bob redell at stan fords where the president will be talking about cyber security. but we'll begin with with stephanie chaung. >> reporter: the mobile unit, they'll looking at every sort of
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camera angle. but the security presence has grown here. we saw a group of officers on motorcycle take off and now the corner here in front of the fairmont, there's a bigger group of officers standing by. also police, we learned a few minutes ago, are moving. security getting tighter here. if you look at the video you can see a better shot of the front of the hotel. other san francisco police. there's secret service and also i saw some highway patrol officers presumably hole. ing with traffic, and a bomb squad vehicle and one specially trained dog. the president is set to leigh this area around 10:00 this morning for a talk at stanford, then he's set to return to the city for a private fun raising dinner at the house of sandy robinson. who is president obama's first fundraiser of the year for the democratic national committee. about 60 or so supporters expected, each paying at least $10,000 to get inside. no parking for a lot of these
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streets through tomorrow night, 6:00. take note of that. paul and sacramento sides of the fairmont are closed. mike will have all of your traffic detail this morning. >> thank you, steph. >> now from the fairmont in san francisco to stanford university along the peninsula. want to check in with "today in the bay's "bob redell this morning. the president talking cyber security there today. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the white house is hosting this summit on cyber security and consumer protection here at stanford university to bring together some of the greatest minds here in silicon valley to figure out how to beat hack attacks. joining the president, apple ceo tim cook and leaders of some maller yet very important companies in the battle for privacy. they'll meet with president obama at a security roun table to make sure that mr. obama understands the problem, especially in this digital age
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of smartphone technology. >> so the thing that you're holding in your hand is a super computer. that device has more information capable on that device than president clinton or all of the presidents before him combined. that is an awesome amount of power but it's awesome exposure aez well for families. >> it's not good enough to just spend a whole day talking about it. it would be really get to get tangible actions come oubt of it that with we can take that's ultimately going to affect the consumer is very important. >> reporter: one tangible action, he will be signing an executive order designed to make this country safer from the recent ak attacks. the order would urge companies, especially tech ones here in the valley, to share with the federal government what they know about current cyber threat. the president is choosing an executive order over legislation because it's been hard for him to get legislation through the
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republic-controlled congress. bob redell, today in the bay. stay with nbc bay area for our continuing coverage of the president's visit. wherever he goes we go be sure to join us for or 11:00 a.m. newscast when the president is expected to deliver liz speech. in the meantime, a popular san jose neighborhood road getting a facelift. the main road through willow glen going on a diet of sorts, downsizing. lincoln avenue will be reduced from four to two lanes between minnesota and coe. the city will slim down lincoln avenue's four lanes and add bike lanes in each direction. no construction is needed for any of this, just new painted lines. it's a test from march until may. it's time to check the micro climate forecast this morning. taking a peak outside, looking live at the san bruno mountain this morning. nice way to start our day. it's going to be warm out there as well. want to check the forecast. >> good morning.
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hard to believe it's still wintertime with temperatures like this. we're starting out though in the 50s. we are going nobody the upper 60s to low 70s all across the board by lunchtime today. rounding out the day with near record warmth. and that my friends is the weather story of the day. upper 60s, low 70s, even at your local beaches, then we'll round out the day, highs coming around 3:00 in the afternoon. you're at 77 right here in the south bay and 74 degrees on the east shore. if you want to hit the beach today or tomorrow, we do have a warning for beach goers. it's going to be nice and warm out there but we're expecting these big braking waves an it's going to be nice, but watch out. play it safe. that's always the best way to go. even if you're just walking your dog on the beach. 71 degrees in pa receive ka. half moon bay at 73 degrees. santa cruz 75 degrees. that is always a great way to
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spend the day. most of the local beaches are free. but you do have to pay for parking. keep that in mind. we like the tell you about all of the events happening. this is for all of the gingers out there. automobile red heads get in free on valentine's day to the charles schultz museum. 74 degrees at noon and up to 80 degrees at 3:00 p.m. red heads are rare. we care about your red heads out there. don't you think that's a great way to honor such a rare hair color? >> i do. folks don't e know this. but when i get sun in any hair, hair turns a little red as well. i had some streaks i should say in the 80s. a nice flow of traffic right here. this is just south of the park way. 880 through piedmont moving slowly. there's a crash south 880 at mallory as we look south of
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dakota. dunbarton bridge, a little slowing down. now farther north we're looking at hayward and san lorenzo. 880 showing a little volume increase and a little slowing. look at 580, the arrow shows you a little slowing. but 680 has not seen any volume increase. that's later for a friday. we widen out and show you the entire bay. bottom of your screen, san jose shois shows a little slowing. silicon valley on the peninsula a smooth flow of traffic as well. we have the north bay, present lum ma down to nevada. no big deal. and that 37 shows a build coming out of vallejo. we do have a crash around san marco. i'm going to check for the latest from chp. we have a backup here.
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the metering lights were turned on at 5:45. still not fully filled in. that's friday and a lighter volume of traffic. >> those people red in the face as we try to get through the bridge passing. >> still ahead on "today in the bay" will the cease-fire in eastern ukraine work? new developing proving it could be difficult. wurch analyst says so. we'll take a look at its facts coming up. a live look outside right now. this from done lynn on your friday morning making your way to work. we have a really nice weekend in store for you. much more on that with christina and more use right after this break.
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welcome back. now happy friday morning to you. temperatures are pretty mild out there. we're at 49 in san jose, 46 in livermore and 50 to kick off a friday in san carlos. we've got a warm day ahead. i'll let you know if we could be breaking records in you city as we get into the all-important valentine's day/president's day weekend. more on that in just moments. >>. we're looking toward the peninsula. pa lo al to picking up the volume a bit. good morning, mr. president. in the city this morning we're talking about the traffic impact you'll see and we'll talk about the commute that i see building. in the meantime, high visibility for the top storying of the day. hayward police are investigating a hosds early this morning. they found a body lying next to a u-haul truck. there's still fighting in
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eastern ukraine. a cease-fire is expected to go into effect this weekend. president obama waking up in the bay area this morning. going to host a summit on cybersecurity this morning. skrot mcgrew will be with the proth president this morning. you and thousands of others. >> thousands of others. i want you to keep in mind today as we watch the president interacting with silicon valley executives, it's the undercurrent of mistrust here. everybody is going to be polite but do not forget how angry silicon valley was to find out the wire trap and the revelations by edward snowden that the federal government inserted will listening devices within the infrastructure of some of silicon valley's biggest companies. you've got to keep that mood in mind. other news, cnbc analyst jim cramer not making niz friends at
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tesla. he went on one of his rants this week saying musk was such a comedian he should host saturday night live. cramer says musk has overpromised and underdelivered so baddyly, i cannot take him seriously. musk has been compared many times to steve jobs and the big question is about tesla. is tesla what apple was back in the early days with the introduction of the mack. if you judged apple back then it was a hot company but you would no idea it would become what it is today, the most valuable company in the world. tesla is only on its second car model. california leads the notion in solar jobs. in fact we crush it. 54,000 jobs associated with solar power or about a third of all solar jobs everywhere.
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gaap under pressure this morning after anable lists downgraded the stock. this concerns the very strong dollar will hurt gap sales overseas. they're too expensive for attorneyers. interesting. it hurts or trade but helps with our buying power. 6:17 right now. nearly 200 pilot whales stranded them. the area actually known as a whale trap because of the way its shallow waters seem to confuse the whales hurting their ability to communicate. >> look at the sheer number of them out there. it's time to check our own micro climate forecast this morning. it a beautiful view of san jose this morning. the sun is arriving over the bay area, ready to warm things up. >> it's going to be a nice day. hopefully you're ready for a
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go good-looking day across the bay area. 6:17 is the time. really lovely conditions exist. we still have good air quality as well. that is the good news courtesy of the rain that came through. the sunrises in the east, sets in the west. you can see the difference between our south bay camera and that which we're showing you from san francisco this morning. temperatures out there still on the mild side. this is the coldest point of the day. as we get into your afternoon breaking for lunch, with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, a gorgeous day ahead. 75 degrees on the peninsula today. 77 for the tri-valley. 77 degrees wine country. what a great weekend to head up to wine country if that's something you like to do. high pressure is the reason for the warming trend. drives our winds offshore. as we get the flow from land to sea, the marine influence absolutely negated. so for us that means temperatures at the local beaches will be just about as warm as our inland spots.
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you can clearly see all of your wind arrows pointing out to sea. what happens is you get the wind moving out to the ocean. it hollows out the barrel of the waves. we are going to see some big breakers. look at your temperatures, valentine's day in gilroy, likely to set a new record. 80 for livermore, napa at 80 degrees and 78 degrees in mountain view. want to talk about the big surf. six to eight footers saturday and sunday. temperatures in the 70s, looking good for your outdoor plans all across the board. and like we like to do here, we'll tell you what else is going on for free for you and the family as we head throughout the weekend. there's a lot going on because you merge valentine's day on a weekend, president's day weekend. lots of stuff. stick around. right now let's check your drive. >> that's appropriate because i think of abraham lincoln open i think romance. let's look over here toward the
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bay bridge where you also think a smooth drive? no, you think of backup. the span moving very well. let's look at the toll plaza. you have the backup because the metering lights are on. but it's friday, showing a little lighter commute. the fast track lanes will be the last to clear up because we have your most dedicated commuters going through there with relatively similar vol on friday as through monday through thursday. we're showing you a smoother drive from the east bay, but there is one concern. highway 4 westbound, we have this crash west highway 4 at san marco boulevard, quite a backup. it's been in the lanes for quite some time. the one car involved there, they're having trouble getting a tow truck there. we have a big slowdown as they have to remove that. that is your slow drive for the east bay and this is the bay bridge toll plaza. we see a little slowing
6:21 am
southbound. the early crash at mall roy has cleared. bottom of your screen, san jose, northbound 101 shows a little slowing. 87 into downtown, a lighter volume for the friday shows up. palo alto, some light reports. not sure what's going on, but north 101, some sort of roadway plaza. maybe a stall reported. i didn't see it on the live camera but i'll give it a look again. 6:21 right now. he's already a marksman on the court, now the warrior steph curry appearing on "the tonight show" appearing as a comedian. it wasn't just jimmy fallon making all of the jokes. bulldog: what what?
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keep more presidents in your wallet. this special financing offer ends presidents' day at sleep train. ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ it is a big weekend, especially if you like to laugh. "sad night live" celebrating its 40th anniversary. producer loren michaels says things are coming together. >> i'm a serious guy but also nothing makes me happier. steve martin called me yesterday and he was going over the jokes in the monologue and i was so happy youp are lost in detail and then you go right, that's the reason we're all here. >> you can watch the full interview with matt lauer on the
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"today" show. it was supposed to be a three hour show but they've added an extra half-hour. it airs this sunday at 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc bay area. bursting at the seams with comedy, the biggest stars in the nba are in new york right now for this weekend's all-star festivities. >> and last night jimmy fallon had a little fun with the players including steph curry. >> we have steph curry. he was voted most likely to get carded when he orders milk. >> fallon decided to flip the scrip so to speak letting the players poke a little fun at home and the tonight show staff as well. >> steph curry, good to have you. go right ahead. >> our next writer is jonathan adler. she was voted most like toy to call chuck e. cheese the club. >> curry and his quay thompson will take the court tomorrow for
6:26 am
the three-point shooting contest before the all-star game on sunday. we've been used to construction at levy stadium but never before for an ice areena. that's what's going on right now. >> workers hope to have the ice ready for the skaters by tuesday. hire's a look at has the stadium will look like on game day. it will certainly be interesting to see. we've seen a little of the transformation out there already. >> new venue, same venue, new type of styling. the markets open in just a few minutes. scott mcgrew keeping a close eye on the streaking dow. deadline day looms. the penalties kplircaliforniansd face. the san mateo bridge starting to crunch up a little bit on your friday morning commute. mike will have a closer look for you. christina will have your weekend forecast. we'll be right back.
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forecast. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose.
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but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep, only at a sleep number store. save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, plus 24-month financing. know better sleep with sleep number. right now we're just days away from the deadline to sign up for the affordable care act. we'll show you how many people in the bay area are eligible. and everybody in the bay area getting a warm day. it's a little chilly out this right now. but comfortable and sunny later on. big breaking waves continue at your local beaches. and we're going to see peak warmth as we get into the holiday weekend. we'll have the details in just moments. we're seeing a little bit
6:30 am
lighter volume of traffic as is typical. that's why the slow down farther east is especially typical. over on the nasdaq, a big red dog. good morning clifford and all of the kids on the nasdaq. >> everybody loves clifford. reading a great for kids. a live look outside at the bay bridge this morning. it's friday, february 13th. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia can no. and i'm sam brock. get health insurance or pay a fine. millions of americans who lost jobs in the past year and don't qualify for medicare or medicare are trying to figure ou how to beat the deadline. traci pots joining us live from washington, d.c. this morning. how are the californians
6:31 am
fairing. >> there are over 3 million californians who are eligible for the plans. so far barely four in ten have signed up and that deadline is sunday. the fine this year, the penalty, $325 or 2% of your income. now we've been looking at a breakdown by the kaiser family foundation of what the plans cost because they are different than last year. for example, basic plan, silver plan 40-year-old making $30,000, a nonsmoker, is going to pay $393 in san francisco. that very same plan in san jose is $40 less, that same plan in oakland is about $30 less. so where you live has a lot to do with what you're going to pay. in some areas, prices are going up, in other areas, prices are going down. even if you have an insurance plan through the marketplace, cover california that you're happy with from last year, you might want to log in to check the price. you may end up paying more or
6:32 am
less than you did. it's worth checking out before sunday. >> double-check to make sure you're getting the best deal. it is 6:31. testimony is set to resume the morning in the american sniper murder trial. yesterday defense attorneys provided evidence trying to prove that eddy ray ralph was insane when he killed chris kile and his friend. say say ralph spoke of insanity, and the apocalypse when the police tried to arrest him after the shooting death. prosecutors argue he still knew right from wrong. the murder trial of aaron hernandez resumes this morning. less than two hours of testimony has been given this week. hernandez is accused of killing a semi pro football player who was dating the sister of his fiancee. the u.s. military is now paying for hormone replacement for the former intelligence analyst who sent classified documents to wikileaks.
6:33 am
the document allows him to transfer from male to fail mae. manage is serving a 35 year senten sentence. managing changed her legal name last april and filed a lawsuit requesting gender replacement. this is a live look over minneapolis. areas expected to see snow through the weekend. what a difference from our neck of the wood. >> we don't like to brag, but we kind of like to brag. this is a look outside right now from san raphael as we continue to enjoy picture perfect weather for a holiday weekend and a valentine's weekend at that. >> temperatures are going to rise. it is going to be very nice, if i can join the conversation. 46 in livermore, 45 in san martin. sam, laura, everybody across the bay area, beautiful conditions. and i think it's safe to say, we
6:34 am
are officially the envy of the entire nation. and down in southern california, they're going tosh warm as well, but a little too warm for comfort. temperatures near 90 degrees in los angeles area, long beach today at 87 degrees. for us, we'll see the mid to upper 70s coming your way. 49 degrees in san jose. that's very close to a record just about everywhere for today. your lunchtime temperatures are going to be nice and mild. we'll round out the day in the mid 70s. maybe you want to get away this weekend. lake tahoe looking good because of the snow pack we accumulated last week. 50s there. russian river valerie, mid to upper 70s all weekend long. central coast, we're talking about the 80s. and we like to tell you what's free across the bay area. on valentine's day in nevada, free horse drawn carriage rides. pickup location, 2 end and
6:35 am
grant, her man an grant. you can save the money, maybe a night on the town, maybe some dinner. what are your plans, mike? >> you know what? we have a third grade basketball game. that's romance. all right. let's go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. we find our times. we're looking at the bay bridge where we're getting a little better time on the left approach. look at that, not so bad toward the bottom of your screen. this is a friday travel time typical. smooth flow of traffic from the top of the screen, a little slowing through berkeley. and the rest of the approach out of the maze and the caldecott tunnel, that's the speed limit. this is the especially slow drive. approaching san marco boulevard. the crash happened at 5:30 in the morning but this one vehicle still stuck in the middle lanes. having trouble getting the tow
6:36 am
truck over there. we move over toward the north, we see a little fog registering on your road. petaluma into nevada, slow drive. but south of there, no problems there. easy drive in the east bay. we'll take a quick look at palo alto. the president heads to stanford so we'll see traffic control in the area. good morning, mr. president. >> do they kbpt to rout to go 101 or 280? >> security will prevent them from telling exactly what the route would be. >> interesting. i heard he was going to fly. to be determined. >> to be the president. isn't that nice, too. >> 6:36 right now. the markets have, open for a few minutes. let's check the numbers. >> scott mcgrew, how are we looking? >> we've just come back to into the black for 2015 this week. which is encouraging. let's look at the big board this morning. dow is up 16 points, not a lot of movement.
6:37 am
we're watching oil move higher. that's going to help the markets this morning. it will be nice to end on a positive note and get ourselves back in the black for 2015. back to you. >> exact lip. thank you very much. 6:36. it could save a child's life, umbilical cord blood banking. we investigate the multibillion dollar entry. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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. new parents face a lot of choices when they bring a baby into the world, including what to do with their baby's umbilical cord blood. >> investigative reporter vickie nguyen joining us. >> every parent wants the best for their child and many see the opportunity to store the baby's stem cells as insurance for the future. but as we learned, this booming industry has much less oversight then you might think. there's no law that says how often private cord blood banks must be inspect pd the f dprda to one in ten each year. we uncovered some that showed unsanitary conditions, including a bank here in california that went out of business leaving parents panicked about what happens to their children's cord
6:41 am
blood. from insects and dirt inside the labs to staff that had no medical or scientific training, fda inspectors found a host of problems at private cord banks that charge families up to $2,000 promging to take care of their baby's presh stem cells. the entire report is online right now on nbc bay guys, back to you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, please give us a call at 888-996-tips or you can e-mail the unit at nbc bay we're following breaking news. a body and a u-haul outside a bay area school. we have details of what is now a homicide investigation. plus, the president in town for an historic visit. the executive order he's going to sign on the peninsula this morning. sun up over the bay area this morning. gorgeous look out.
6:42 am
we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after the break.
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6:44 am
and we begin at 6:44 with an update to breaking news in hayward where a merchandise f homicide investigation is underway. police found a u-haul that crash into a chiropractic college and a body lying near the truck. >> this is at life chiropractic college in hayward. that's where we find chris sanchez live with the latest. have we learned anything new,
6:45 am
chris? good morning. >> reporter: we just finished talking with a lieutenant who is involved in the investigation from hayward pd and says it appears that this was a robbery attempt. that the u-haul truck that was backed up into the kitchen area was backed up because there were people that were going to steal something from inside. the person who was found dead at the rear of the u-haul truck may have been involved in this robbery. it's likely that there's at least another person who is involved. we can tell you that the coroner's office just took off with the body of that person who was found dead here at life chiropractic college. all of this happen right around 2:00 this morning when two employees of the college who work in the kitchen area, they were getting in to set up for the day and they discovered that the u-haul was backed up and smash into the glass and that there was glass on the ground. they called police. and as soon as police arrived on the seen, they discovered the body of that person. right now we are trying to determine -- or rather they're
6:46 am
trying to determine whether or not that u-haul was legitimately rented which would lead them directly to the people involved or if it was stolen as a way to get transportation here to life college. again we did just talk with the lieutenant and we will have a sound for you a little bit later on as we continue our coverage during the "today" show. chris sanchez, "today in the bay". new this morning, authorities pulled a stolen car from underwater near antioch. these are pictures from the contra costa fire protection district. officials say the car was found submerged near a ramp leading into the water. no one was inside. it is time to check out our microclimate forecast. as we give you a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. and yes, we are an area of microclimate. however, no matter where you are this weekend, you should be feeling pretty good about the weather you're going the see. >> whenever the wind blouse from
6:47 am
the hills toward the ocean we get uniform temperatures. thanks for waking up with us on a friday morning. hopefully you've had a good week. we've got a beautiful weekend in store for you weather wise, especially when compared to what we had to deal with last weekend. we needed the rain, picked up quite a bit of it. 43 in san martin, you can resurrect the plans as we have fantastic conditions coming your way all weekend long. right now it's pretty chilly out there. you might want to grab a light jacket, light sweater. near record warmth will purr cyst today and then we're going to peak into your valentine's day. lunchtime, 68 degrees on the peninsula, 69 at noon on the east shore and 70 degrees wine country. just spectacular. napa valley looking good into the weekend. and the tri-valley, really pretty. the hillside nice and green.
6:48 am
we do have a warning for beach goers. i know i want to hit the beach for the next couple of days. we're going to see dangerous rip currents out there. if you're going to get into the water, we recommend a wet suit as well. the temperature 51 degrees. we're going to see wind out of the northeast at five to ten miles an hour, 73 degrees in half moon may and we'll fly you down to santa cruz, warmest beach spot for today, 75 degrees. we're expecting 80s tomorrow, napa, livermore, gill roi. we'll hit the upper 70s here in the bay. tulip mania, really beautiful out there. the tulips are springing in a little early. 57 degrees at 59:00 a.m., 69 by lunchtime. 73 in the city. temperature wills be cool as the sun drops off for the big annual
6:49 am
pillow fight. temperatures mostly in the 60s. mike mike pointed out diligently yesterday, you want to bring a soft pillow. >> or you won't have any prospects if you bring a hard pillow. this is north 101. lock at that beautiful sun coming up. great weather and a lighter friday commute. look at your maps. this is a typical slowdown right here. highway 101 whereby 87, 280 and 85 show your traditional spots for the build. but friday shows san jose and the rest of the silicon valley a lighter flow of traffic. over here nice easy drive westbou westbound 237 off mill pe mill . typical there in union city. no backup over here registering for the sensor over at the dublin interchange.
6:50 am
a nice drive. again lighter for a friday. but highway 4 as been a big problem. the earlier crash at 5:30 westbound direction caused all of this backup. sounds like the lanes are cleared. antioch through pittsburgh, pay point and up toward concord. by the time you get to 242 things are a lot clearer. that makes 242 and the walnut creek interchange a lot lighter. east shore freeway moving nicely. we're looking down in toward san rafa rafael. now we see the volume building up. that's the republic for the slower drive. nothing dramatic an an easy clear view into san francisco via the golden gate bridge as well. the president is waking up in the bay a area this morning. he spent the night at the fairmont in san francisco. sit a busy day for the commander in chief. >> we have live team coverage of his visit. bob redell is at stanford this morning.
6:51 am
by we begin with today in the bay steph than chuang live outside the fairmont where the security is stepped up and the president expected to be on the move in just a little bit. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. people reported hearing and seeing a motor cade whiz by here. so unclear if the president was actually inside that. but security has been going all morning. in addition to the mobile emergency operations center where police officers inside have eyes on all kinds of camera angles. there's a growing presence of officers around the fairmont here. you have mostly san francisco police officers, of course, secret service, as well as i did see some highway patrol officers presumably helping with traffic. there's also the sfpd bomb squad vehicle and one specially trained dog. the president was set to leave san francisco after 10:00 the morning heading to stanford for a talk before heading back to
6:52 am
san francisco for a private fun raising dinner at the house of an investment banker. this is the president's first fundraiser of the year for the democratic national committee. 60 sunters expected there. each paying $10,000 to get inside. back mere in knob hill i would say don't come to park around the fairmont here, at least through tomorrow night, 6:00. as for roads that are closed, backside of the fairmont, sacramento and poubl sides remain closed. >> in the meantime we'll be on the move to our very own bob redell who is live at stanford. >> the president will be talking about cybersecurity there today. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you. at a white house summit on cybersecurity and consumer protection. this is where president obama will be announcing an executive order later today, one that would help make the country
6:53 am
safer and protect it from hack attacks. the order would urge companies, especially tech companies here in silicon valley, to share with the federal government what they know about surnt kinder threats. the president choosing exec oif order over legislation because it's hard for him to get anything through the republican-controlled congress. he's going to be joined by apple ceo tim cook and leader of local start ups as well. a couple think that by coming here the president is sending a strong message that it's time to get sirius about the digital age threat. >> -- have a very open dialogue about what does it mean to be safe in a digital economy. we can't add on security after things are built and done. we can't add on legislation to old-fashioned bills. >> reporter: the white house again putting on this summit here at stanford university. stards in about an hour and 45, hour an a half from now.
6:54 am
and then the keynote from the president at 11:15. reporting live bob redell, "today in the bay". >> stay with nbc bay area for the continues coverage for the president's visit throughout the day. bob redell will be live at stanford at 11:00 when the president delivers his speech. and later on mark mathews will be at the fun raiser. we'll have a live report on that coming up at 5:00. >> it is 6:54 right new. san francisco police want your help finding a man they say assaulted an officer. these are surveillance images of a man. he's accused of knocking a police officer off a light rail plat tom. the officer fell to the ground below but was not seriously injured. it happened three weeks ago. the man took off after it happened. the bay area sister of a muslim man killed in north
6:55 am
carolina says he sh want his death investigated as a hate crime. last night friends and clegs of susan barakat held a candle light vigil. ba barakat is a resident there. at the vigil some people expressed fear. >> i once felt safe and certain and a part of this community, and now i'm uncertain and i feel unsafe. >> deah barakat was raising money for a trip to turkey to provide dental care for syrian refugees. the family of a 14-year-old girl found dead is asking for your help figuring out how she died. we told you about the crash last wednesday involving a garbage truck and a car. the body of the san jose teen was found next to the wrecked car a few blocks away from the
6:56 am
crash site. now the boy's broth wants anyone who knows anything to come forward and give the family some closure. >> we really feel for her and at the same time anger because we don't got no answers. we don't got -- we understand that tragedies happen. people have to pass away, even if it's our loved ones. but we'll feel better if we have answers to our questions. >> alex alcazar is the registered owner of the car. police say he is a person of interest but so far they have not been able to track him down. a popular san jose neighborhood is getting a bit of a facelift, at highway least temporarily. the main road that runs through willow glen is going on a diet. lincoln avenue will be reduced from four lanes down to two. the city will not only slim down lincoln avenue but it's also going to add bike lanes in each direction. no correction is needed for this, just some new painted lanes. it's a test that will last from
6:57 am
march until may. smoking electronic cigarettes now banned in all b.a.r.t. trains and stations. the ban goes into effect immediately. the strange goo that killed hundreds of sea birds last month has been identify. lab experts say the stucky substance was a synthetic oil. synthetic oils, of course, artificially made. what's unclear is where it came from and what it's being used for. the department of fish and wildlife has eight labs nationwide assisting in the investigation. 6:57 right now, a live look at the san mateo bridge this morning which is shining a little bit brighter. also looking a little hazy. pg and e installed new lights on the towers that stand next to the bridge. the lights will help it be more visible to airplaning flying over the bay. hayward police investigating a homicide.
6:58 am
early this morning they found a body lying next to a u-haul truck that crash into a chiropractic college. despite a peace deal, they're still fighting in eastern ukraine. a cease-fire is expected to go into into effect this weekend. president barack obama waking up in the bay area this morning. stephanie chuang, bob redell out covering the president this morning. christina keeping her eye on the sunrise. >> just beautiful conditions. he's headed out to palm springs after this. it's going to be close to 90 degrees there. 75 degrees for today in the south bay. 71 degrees in san francisco. your weekend is going to warm up but then we're going to drop back off as we meet back here on monday of next week. >> saver the weather then while it's here. thank you. >> it's a longer holiday weekend
6:59 am
for a lot of folks. do you think they'll be heading out of town early? >> we had some snow early. look at the dublin camera. thauld wo be eastbound away from us heading toward the central valley. plan on leaving a little earlier in the afternoon. you're likely to see a crowd there. westbound on the map, nothing big. a lighter friday commute shows up. westbound highway 4 finally recovering from the earlier crash and big backup toward concord. a quick look at the san mateo bridge. a little slower. >> everyone should live in san francisco at some time in their life. a condo for sale, they have free uber rides for a year. >> you've got to deal with the parking situation. the one bedroom condo listed for just under 800,000 dollars but it doesn't come with a parking spot. the seller is offering unlimited uber service for a year as part of the deal.
7:00 am
i guess that is the enticement to pull them in. if you don't get a spot, at least you get free rides for a year. >> have a great weekend. that's what's happening in the bay today. >> lovely valentine's day to you as well. >> good morning. once in a generation cold. 35 million people face a weekend with yet another blizzard. and the coldest temperatures in decades. striking back, the u.s.-led coalition in iraq launches air strikes against isis overnight. the attacks coming in the wake of a major nffensive, by that terror group near a u.s. air base. the aftermath. startling video shown at the "american sniper" trial of the police chase, arrest of the man who shot and killed chris kyle. does that tape help the prosecution or the the defense? and live from new york, it's the ce


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